Meet the Maker

Welcome to Hen House Bath Co! 

I'm Laurisa and I'm the soap artist here. I've been creating soap and bath products since 2012. I'm originally from Nashville and hold a bachelor's degree in biochemistry. My biggest inspiration comes from my great-grandmother, who made soap as a necessity. I'm also influenced by my beautiful home state of Tennessee and love creating items inspired by the sites and sounds from bustling Broadway to the serene Smoky Mountains. I enjoy being able to bring you a more sophisticated take on the simple item we use daily and creating luxury in the small moments. 

Beyond soap and candle making, I'm a wife and mom of 3 adult children. I enjoy knitting and crochet, reading non-fiction (yes that's weird!), gardening, and caring for our 6 chickens. If you see me in the wild, you'll probably find me with my oldest daughter, who helps me with markets and bath bombs.